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Thank you for your interest in Westgate!

We are here to help answer any questions you may have. We have listed the most frequently asked questions (and answers!) below for your convenience.

what are the monthly hoa dues? 

The monthly HOA dues are $165. The HOA will manage the Conservation Area, snow removal & road maintenance on private streets and No Build Zone requirements.

What are the terms of the no build zoNE? 

The No Build Zone stretching along the western portion of the community, affecting only Lots 3-18, requires the lot owner to refrain from building any structures in this area, to help protect the community from an oncoming wildfire event while creating a natural buffer for existing wildlife habitat. 


According to Section 5.3 Fences, Screening & Privacy Walls in the Design Guidelines (page 11), 'Invisible pet fencing will be an acceptable boundary fence material and must be installed at least ten (10) feet inside a property line.' Please refer to 5.3B for more information about privacy fencing requirements that can also be used for pets.

when can I StaRt building?

Once the buyer takes ownership of the lot and the ARC Review process has been completed, the owner(s) can begin building. Once construction begins, owner(s) have 24 months to complete, but there is no time frame in which you have to begin the building process. Please review the Design Guidelines for more information regarding the ARC Review.

where can i get a copy of the cc&r's and design guidelines?

These documents, as well as the HOA Bylaws are available for viewing and download on this website, under the DOCUMENTS page. 

what is the minimum and the maximum building sq. footage? 

Limitations on the total combined square footage of all Structures, including attached garages and Accessory Buildings are as follows: 

- Minimum: 2,500 s.f., provided that the primary residence shall have a minimum floor area of 1,500 s.f. excluding garage. 

- Maximum: 20,000 s.f. 

*Structures may not cover more than 50% of the building envelope. 

who do i talk to in order to view the property? 

Please contact our listing agent, Louie Hoffman, by phone at 541-480-8130 or by email at

How do i register my client for buyers comp protection? 

The Westgate Client Registration Form can be found on this website, on the DOCUMENTS page. Please download the form and follow the instructions for returning the completed copy.

What utilities will be available at westgate? 

The following utilities will be available: City Water, Septic Sewer (all lots have approved septic locations), Pacific Power, Cascade Natural Gas, Bend Broadband & Republic Service Garbage Removal.

is this a gated community? 

No. The McClain Drive extension from the north to Sage Steppe in the south, connecting to the Tree Farm Community, is a Deschutes County road; therefore, restricting the flow of public traffic by installing community gates is not permitted.

when will PHASE 8 BE COMPLETED IN westgate? 

We have requested a pre-construction meeting with the City of Bend. We are hoping to break ground in the spring to have Phase 8 completed by the end of the summer of 2022. 

Didn't find the answer you are looking for? No problem. We are here to help! For general inquiries or to schedule a tour, please contact Louie Hoffman by phone at 541-480-8130 or by email at

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